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At Solace Lifesciences, Inc., we discover, invent, develop, test, refine, and release the most sophisticated, powerful, and predictable neuroacoustic software in the world. It's about trying to outsmart the world's most complex, adaptable, evolved, and powerful computing system in the world - the human brain. You must respect the perfection of the human brain, before you attempt to make it better.

More than 30 years ago, Dr. Holloway began a quest to help people suffering from acute PTSD without using narcotics. This mission lead to years of research, development, and clinical testing and ultimately a breakthrough technology platform that safely and predictably allows you to manage your mental states on demand. We do this through patented, clinically-proven neuroacoustic software that guides your brain waves to different frequencies: from the highest frequencies associated with peak mental state and concentration to the lowest frequencies associated with deep sleep. The biggest advantage to you is that this technology is all-natural, non-invasive, easy-to-use, and works every single time you use it.

Change Your Mental State On Demand

Your daily energy levels are determined exclusively by resource allocation and resource control.
Our patented, clinically-proven, neuroscience technologies allow you to safely manage yourresource allocation. The power to Own the Day is in the palm of your hand.

Tune your brain to meet the day's challenges effortlessly, without drugs.

  • Lower stress, accelerate recovery, and feel better with NuCalm
  • Improve concentration and comprehension with Focus
  • Achieve high-intensity, peak performance with Ignite
  • Get to sleep faster without drugs or side effects with DEEP SLEEP

What You Need to Know About Your Brain Waves

Your brain consists of millions of brain cells forming trillions of connections. These building blocks of the brain, called neurons, communicate with each other through chemical and electrical signals. When masses of neurons send synchronized pulses, they oscillate and produce a wave-like effect or a brain wave. Brain wave frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. Higher order brain activity will produce high-frequency brain waves, such as beta or gamma waves. When you are awake, in a normal state of consciousness, you are in the beta brain wave frequency range. As shown in the chart, delta brain waves are the slowest and are dominant when we are in a deep sleep. As with all things in life, having balance in brain wave activity is key to achieving optimal health and performance.

Passionate Spa Experts

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."
-Albert Einstein

A Message from Dr. Blake Holloway ...

The objectives behind inventing our neuroacoustic software were to create predictable, powerful methods to elicit physiological outcomes … like fine tuning a musical instrument.

I focused on four critical areas of the brain:
  • Reticular activating system
  • Corpus callosum
  • HPA axis
  • Autonomic nervous system

To create effective neurobiofeedback within the complexities of the brain, I leveraged the auditory motor cortex, not just as a gateway for collecting auditory signals, but for its function in stimulating the prefrontal and frontal motor cortex. The brain is nonlinear, thus using proprietary methods to present patterns that the brain won't easily get bored with is a challenge. The binaural signal processing, frequency-following-response, neurobiofeedback is foundational to the software but cannot be the only effective elements. I also used specific techniques to evoke potential on a cellular level and increase electrical output focused on certain brain regions.

New discoveries in neuroscience over the past decade allowed me to develop a neuroacoustic file that is faster acting, provides a deeper recovery and restoration experience, and predictably balances the mind and body. The collaboration with Dan Selene adds a further level of complexity to the software due to the synergy between the software driver portion and the carrier of the software, which is the music integration that augments the outcome. I am excited for you to benefit from deep restoration and balance with NuCalm and experience the broader spectrum of outcomes we have developed over the last several years.

A Message from Dan Selene ...

I've been in the music production and sound design industries as an executive producer for over 40 years including co-founding the record label Higher Octave that was acquired by Virgin Records. I understand the complexities of music production and as a fitness enthusiast also understand the quest for personal development and peak performance. When I was invited by Mr. Poole to collaborate with Dr. Holloway to develop soundtracks for the world's most powerful neuroacoustic software I embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and humility.

From the first time I used NuCalm, I realized it was a quantum leap in personal growth and wellness through profound restoration and recovery. NuCalm effortlessly brings my mind and body into a state of ease reminiscent of my deepest meditation and restoration experiences. Since the NuCalm effects are cumulative, my experience has continued to deepen over time and I am grateful for the revitalizing and restorative effects on my body, including vastly improved sleep quality. I believe that spending time in the 'NuCalm zone' is among the most valuable things a human being can ever experience. So, I am coming from a place of appreciation as a daily user of NuCalm and it is my joyful intention to provide the best possible NuCalm experiences for NuCalm users all over the world.

The advanced neurobiofeedback neuroacoustic software files developed by Dr. Holloway contain the most sophisticated algorithms and frequency matrix I have ever worked with. Creating a balanced catalog of NuCalm soundtracks on top of the physics requires a variety of styles and genres. To accomplish this, I have a team of composers, musicians, audio engineers, lawyers, and licensing specialists. Together, we are creating harmonious soundtracks by incorporating inspired music, natural environments and other audio elements. This process is part creative artistry and part scientific method. The science involves meticulously creating each segment of music matched to the time signatures of the pitch and frequency matrix of the underlying physics using the world's most advanced audio engineering technologies.

It is an honor and pleasure to bring transformational neuroacoustic software to the world … I hope you enjoy it!

Clinical Success

In 2009, we launched our flagship product, NuCalm® to the medical industry. We focused on helping dental practices provide a safer way to manage patient stress and anxiety. The results were profound for clinicians, their teams, and their patients.

A record of success:
  • Over 2 million dental surgeries without a single reported adverse reaction
  • 98% of dental patients surveyed would recommend NuCalm to friends and family (n = 7,144 subjects)
  • Longest surgical event was 7 hours and forty minutes
  • Thousands of dentists replaced IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide use with NuCalm

Chairside Observation

Dr. Paul Denemark, July 2011
"Fear and anxiety are a daily challenge for dental professionals. As a board-certified Periodontist, I have always believed that many of my patients had no other recourse for managing fear and anxiety than to undergo oral or intravenous sedation.
Oral sedation is unpredictable. Intravenous sedation is more predictable but can have some serious side effects. Having the need to provide sedation of one form or another for the last 15 years I am relieved to have found NuCalm, an effective and safe alternative of anxiolysis for many of my patients.
I was very skeptical about NuCalm because it seemed too good to be true. The science behind it was enough proof for me to at least give it a try. I was very surprised at my patient's overwhelming delight. The protocol was very simple and easy to implement. My surgical assistant was able to provide a wonderful relaxation experience to my patient after only a 2-minute review of the steps.
Now that I have integrated NuCalm into my practice, I am less stressed about performing surgery that may be uncomfortable for my patients. I am also less stressed during injection of local anesthetic because my patients are experiencing the relaxing effects of NuCalm.
Patients seem to be healing better and have had less pain during the first few days post-operatively. I believe it is due to the fact that patients are under less stress during the actual surgical procedure. My observation is that patients seem to be more 'cooperative' and less resistant to the trauma inevitably caused by surgical intervention. My staff members have also reported to me that surgical procedures seem to be less hectic.
Case acceptance seems to have increased because we can now offer a natural, drug-free, side-effect free, and cost-effective means to manage fear and anxiety.
I am always searching for ways to provide my patients with the most caring and comfortable environment. NuCalm has provided a 'wow' experience for my patients as well as me."

- Dr. Paul J. Denemark, DDS, MSD, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Burr Ridge, Illinois

What the Experts Say About NuCalm

"In our study of subjects using NuCalm, we observed that these subjects experience a rapid decrease in heart rate and respiration rate while exhibiting an increase in vagal tone. These physiological biomarkers are consistent with deep meditation and illustrative of the rapid onset of parasympathetic nervous system dominance created by NuCalm. Our results indicate that the NuCalm system is a powerful tool for stress intervention and sleep quality improvement."

Chung-Kang Peng, Ph.D., Co-Director, Rey Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

"I see everybody at different stages of cancer but focus on people with breast cancer. I see a lot of the newly diagnosed patients, so they have either been to the surgeon, or I work them up, and I'm going to be the major captain for their care. My patients will get chemotherapy, they'll get radiation therapy, and sometimes get anti-estrogen therapies.

You have to understand, nobody likes to come see me, the oncologist. They don't want to, because everyone's afraid that "is she going to find something? Are my labs going to be normal?" So, people start having anxiety before coming to see me. Even if they are in remission, there's still a lot of underlying fear. According to my patients, their anxiety starts, maybe a week to a month before coming in for their appointment.

There is a tremendous amount of stress. How my patients experience their stress varies… either it starts low and escalates before the visit, or sometimes it's just constantly there until the visit is over. Everybody is affected by cancer. Not only the patient, but whomever the patient's living with - their spouse; their children. The person with cancer is not singled out. Cancer affects the entire family or the entire support system of that person.

What's interesting about somebody that's dealing with a serious illness, cancer or whatever, they are under, not only acute stress (the fight-or-flight response), but they're also under chronic stress. That fear and thought about cancer never really leaves them. We know that prolonged chronic stress wears down their immune system, all of their systems, to put it bluntly. To alleviate some of that chronic stress with the NuCalm system will help them. NuCalm is a way of getting them into a relaxed state, and we know they're going to get benefits from it. Patients who are dealing with cancer and going through chemotherapy, are forced to deal with a myriad of changes. When someone's going through chemotherapy, it would be great for him or her to experience a forced 'time out' from his or her reality with NuCalm. Whether or not we're talking about breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung or colon cancer it doesn't really matter. All these people are undergoing the same physiological stress, so certainly NuCalm will help anybody. It doesn't matter the type of cancer."

Julie Taguchi, MD, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist

"The ability of NuCalm to reduce sympathetic discharge, and its impact on the autonomic nervous system, is clearly a freestanding and noteworthy contribution to society and our high-paced, stress-filled lives. We know that every organ system in the human body is disturbed when sympathetic tone predominates excessively and chronically. It, therefore, seems logical to run with the research already in place and start measuring the possible reduction of predictable organ and systemic dysfunction with long-term NuCalm use. I believe with using NuCalm, three weeks of reduced sympathetic discharge should make significant improvements to the white blood cell population's ability to process foreign invaders in the lymph nodes. We have all experienced the sore throat and generally run-down feeling one can get after a few nights of bad sleep. The sympathetic discharge associated with sleep deprivation and long working hours under stress allows opportunistic viruses and bacteria to colonize and challenge our system.

When confronted with chronic inflammatory conditions, cancer, bacterial/viral infections, and other assaults to homeostasis, it becomes critical to optimize the immune system. I can imagine a myriad of uses for NuCalm to demonstrate the immune-boosting role of shifting to a parasympathetic-dominated tone."

— Tarman Aziz, MD

"As a 26-year veteran of the Special Operations community, and current program manager for the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) programs in my enterprise, I provide my highest endorsement for NuCalm as a technology and resource. NuCalm has unequivocally been one of the most effective stress mitigation, sleep improvement, and general wellness 'recovery modalities' we offer to our population. As an enhancing tool to our HPO programs it has met with resounding-positive feedback and almost immediate results. I am hard pressed to identify any other device, gear, or similar system in this price range that offers the same. Jim Poole and his team of unparalleled experts have truly tapped into an amazing and effective application for the science of binaural/neuroacoustic software therapy, and beyond, through their work in this field and with NuCalm." 

- Brian M., Lieutenant Colonel, Special Forces

"In America, we are free because of the brave. And the reason the United States military special operations community is elite is because we have invested more into the operator's mind to ensure we are the most knowledgeable and best prepared warriors on the battlefield. We must always maintain that edge and be able to tap into an even higher gear at a moment's notice.

Operating in a constant state of alert has taken a toll on my mind and body and at 34 years-old, beginning my civilian life, I struggle to down regulate stress and I don't sleep well. In an effort to recover from my life in the military and regain my health, I've tried everything, from Alpha Stim, to neurobiofeedback, to meditation, to apps such as Calm and Headspace.

Nothing has made a positive impact on my stress and sleep until I began using NuCalm. I heard about NuCalm from a former special forces operator and to be honest, it sounded too good to be true. But I've been using NuCalm daily since January 2019 and it has changed my life and brought me back to health. I am more calm, more focused, more patient, less reactive to situational stress and less agitated. I feel like myself again and my family has seen a big difference in my behavior at home. Raising 3 children and trying to assimilate to civilian life, NuCalm doesn't change the challenges I face, it changes how I interpret and respond to the challenges. I feel better, I sleep better, I'm more self-aware, and I'm more confident and optimistic about this next phase of my life."

- Micah Robertson, former Green Beret and combat veteran

"Developing a beneficial meditation practice can take countless hours over a period of years. By using NuCalm I can effectively and quickly access a state of mind where I have the ability to respond instead of react. I use NuCalm because I have post traumatic stress. With as little as 20 minutes a day I get to respond to my feelings and thoughts instead of react to them. When I have the ability to respond I can be humble, thoughtful, patient and kind. When I react instead of respond I can be aggressive, irritable and fearful. NuCalm aids me into being the version of myself that is genuine and real. It is who I am without PTS."

- Magnus Johnson, President of Mission 22, Former Green Beret combat veteran

How People Achieve Success with NuCalm

Elite military operators, professional athletes, clinicians, top executives, and every day people have been using NuCalm for over a decade with life changing results. Here are some of their stories.

NuCalm White Paper

The NuCalm White Paper highlights the key findings from specific studies that examine the efficacy of NuCalm as a means of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and enhancing well-being.

Download NuCalm White Paper

Patented Neuroscience

To be awarded a patent, the burden is on the company to prove novelty and efficacy. That is why we spent years working with leading research scientists and experts in the field to evaluate and prove the efficacy of our neuroscience platform.


U.S. Patents: 9079030 and 11090459

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